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We believe that fitness is not one size fits all. Our team of certified personal trainers located in central Nanaimo are here to help you, from post-rehabilitation training to athletic development. From the time you contact us the process is all about you. No two people are alike and a fitness program that works for one person may not work for another. That is why Pure Integrated Training is committed to providing individualized programs to group training and 1 on 1 clients, enabling them to achieve the results they desire.

Every program at Pure Integrated Training begins with a comprehensive interview and movement assessment to determine your goals, capabilities and to develop training programs customized to your needs. By integrating various forms of fitness training into your program your personal trainer will create a safe, fun and effective program that will help you reach your goals.

What's Going On At The Gym

We have all had a teacher who made a difference in our lives. Of course, it takes a lot of support from office workers, administrators, custodians, and the list goes on, to enable a good learning environment. Well, it's time to give back! For the month of February take 50% off the purchase of an 8 pack or 12 pack of group passes! ...

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Pure Integrated Training offers a variety of personal training and group class programs for body composition, post rehab/corrective exercise and sports performance. For a full list of classes/training programs and descriptions click the learn more button.
No matter what your fitness goal, the food you eat is going to play a large role in your success. Pure Integrated Trainings nutrition plans are individually designed to maximize your results. After a nutrition assessment, your plan is designed to work in harmony with your training program. You are given online access to meal plans, substitution lists, recipes and support.
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