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Did you know there is one common mineral could help you lose 6-8% more fat?

Nutritional supplements are one of the fastest growing industries in the world accounting for $32 billion in revenue in 2012. Many supplements are marketed as “the answer” to helping someone burn fat, gain muscle or improve athletic performance. The truth is many of these supplements lack independent research, the studies they quote are often paid for by the manufacturer. However, supplements can be a useful, sometimes even necessary, way of maintaining optimal health. One supplement that can help you shed those unwanted pounds and has many additional health benefits is calcium. That’s right, calcium.

There are numerous benefits to taking a calcium supplement including; preventing calcium deficiency, development of healthy bones and teeth, proper hormone function and Weight loss. Most people are aware of many of these benefits, but in recent years research is showing calcium to be beneficial for increasing weight loss. One study published in Obesity Research in 2004 performed a trial with 32 obese adults. These subjects maintained a balanced diet (with a 500 cal deficit) for 24 weeks and then were separated into three groups. One group was given a placebo (standard diet group), another was given a calcium supplement and the third was given a high dairy diet. The standard diet lost 6.4% of their body weight, those taking a supplement lost 8.6% of their body weight and the group on the high dairy diet lost 10.9% of their body weight. In short those taking a supplement lost 26% more weight than those in the standard diet group, while those consuming more dairy lost 70% more than the standard diet group.

So how does a calcium supplement help you lose weight? Researchers aren’t exactly sure, but they do have theories. One such theory is that calcium stored in fat cells plays a crucial role in regulating how fat is stored in the body. The more calcium stored in the fat cell, the more fat it will burn. Studies done on mice have shown that diets higher in calcium favor burning fat rather than storing it.

Another theory is that calcium increases the amount of fat excreted in human waste. One study examined this theory and found that both higher dietary and higher supplemental calcium intakes resulted in more fat excreted in waste. Researchers believe this could be relevant in the prevention of weight gain, although they note that more research is required.

As demonstrated by the above studies adequate intake of calcium can have an effect on weight loss. One challenge to obtaining enough calcium while trying to lose weight is that many products high in calcium are also high in calories. Because of this many people limit dairy products as part of their weight loss strategy and may not intake enough calcium to meet their daily needs. A calcium supplement is a good choice to help ensure that those daily needs are met.

Ideally, your calcium intake should come from natural sources as the studies above show a greater benefit and there have been studies showing that calcium from a calcium supplement may contribute to narrowing of the arteries leading to significant health problems in certain individuals. You should always consult with your Doctor prior to taking supplements to ensure they are appropriate for you. If you are at low risk for narrowing arteries a calcium supplement may be a low cost way to improve your overall health and to help in your weight loss efforts.

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