Online Training

Beginning January 2017 Pure Integrated Training will be offering online training. This offers clients the ultimate flexibility. You can receive a workout plan complete with videos, tips and nutrition recommendations from your mobile device. For clients that have busy schedules and can’t always make class or session times or for those wishing to workout at home this allows you to get the benefit of your trainers knowledge, the coaching and motivation that you need and to be able to communicate directly with your trainer. The program also allows you to connect apps and devices such as fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

Client Dashboard

Here you can find the workout plans that your trainer has made for you and the workouts within those plans. Selecting a certain workout will allow you to see all the exercises, set, reps and videos explaining those exercises.

 Mobile App

From your mobile device you can look at any aspect of your fitness plan including your workouts and nutrition plan. You can also track your cardio and progress with body stats and photos.

 Workout On The Go

Take your workout with you on your mobile device. It lists the exercises, reps, sets and rest periods and provides video instruction on how to complete the exercises.

Connect With Apps and Devices

You can connect popular fitness apps and devices to your online program.


Contact us for a list of pricing and plans.

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