Ready for a change? The social distancing measures we are observing has thrown a wrench into many peoples fitness goals. Even worse is it takes us out of our normal routine and this disrupts many of our good habits and leaves us with plenty of time to develop bad habits. This sabotages the goals we worked so hard for.

We want to help! We are offering a FREE 21 day online challenge for anyone who wants to make a change! The 21 Day Challenge includes:


  • Great exercise and nutrition programs do not work if poor habits undermine your hard work.
  • Late-night snacking, poor nutrition choices and irregular exercise schedules are a few examples of poor habits that undermine success.
  • We will help you get back into a routine and break any poor nutrition habits that may be hindering your progress.


  • People with strong support systems have far more success than those with little support.
  • Consistency is the key to success, this is much easier when you have a team of people helping you.
  • Our support will help keep you accountable and help maintain consistency


  • You will receive a variety of workouts to target fat loss and muscle toning using high intensity circuits.
  • Your workout plan will have quick and easy to follow workouts that you can perform anywhere at any time, delivered through our training app.


  • Easy to make meal ideas.
  • Easy to follow portion recommendations.
  • Meals that allow you to feel full while still losing weight.
  • Nutrition monitoring to keep you accountable for your choices.

There is no “magic” products that you need to buy, the program is based on safe and effective exercise combined with healthy nutrition advice!

Online Training

Participants will receive a 21 day exercise and nutrition plan, support and motivation delivered through our online app. They will also receive a workout plan complete with videos on how to perform the exercises. Our app delivers your program straight to your mobile device so you can do your workout anywhere at any time. No need to meet a certain time or set up cameras, computers etc. for zoom or skype, do your workouts when you want to!

If you would like to begin your 21 Day Challenge simply fill out the form below. You will then be sent access to our exclusive resources page, access to our training app and connect with your trainer!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer them for you!

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