Congratulations on completing the 21 Day Challenge. I hope that you were able to take away some helpful information and habits from the resources provided. Twenty one days is a great start, but as I said during the challenge, success in health and fitness comes from consistency. I hope that kyou have been able to build habits and that you will continue to build on those habits and I would like to help you do that. So, for a limited time I would like to offer you the chance to continue on with the online training at half price. Regularly, I would charge $135 per month, but I would like to offer you the chance to continue on with 3 months of training at $29.99 per month.

Keep in mind, this 60 day program is going to be different than the 21 Day Challenge. You will be given a new nutrition program specifically geared at shedding weight. This will include meal options which fit within your calorie allowance. I know when people mention calories and meal plans etc. it triggers flashbacks to plain dishes of broccoli and chicken or some other horrid tasting thing. The meal plan for this program is not boring and contains many meals that you and your family or friends would love. Losing weight while eating in a calorie deficit does not need to be a nightmare experience. In addition, there will be a new exercise program meant to maximize weight loss and preserve muscle.

Again, because you participated in the 21 Day Challenge I am offering this program to you at a discount of 78%. Space will be limited for this program as there will be more 1 on 1 coaching versus a group environment. I am going to be starting this program on May 11th, or earlier if it fills up. If you would like to take advantage of this deal fill out the form below to save your spot!

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