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About Us

Our staff is focused on helping you achieve all your short and long term fitness goals while making fitness part of your lifestyle. Helping people make positive changes in their health and fitness status and seeing the impact that has on their lives is the reason we got into this business. We offer several different services, so whether you are seeking a post rehabilitation program to strengthen after an injury, wanting to alter body composition or take your athletic game to the next level we can help.

 Our Approach

What sets us apart from other gyms is our approach to helping our client’s achieve their health and fitness goals. No two people are the same, we are all built differently, we move differently and we all have different goals. You are unique and your fitness program should be to. This is why we believe in individualized exercise programming based on our client’s goals, medical history and movement assessments.

Our Personal Trainers

Keegan Marshall CPT, CES, FNS
Keegan Marshall CPT, CES, FNS
Keegan has worked with athletes from the AHL, WHL, OHL, PGA tour, and CIS. He has also competed professionally in Mixed Martial Arts himself. He has focused his continuing education on post rehabilitation exercise and nutrition. This allows Keegan to deliver safe, effective programs that help his clients achieve their goals.

How To Get Started

  • Consultation

    The first step to designing your individualized program is to schedule an initial assessment, we go over your health history, short and long term goals, motivation and identify potential barriers to your success.

  • Movement Screening and Fitness Screening

    Performing a movement assessment allows us to identify your functional movement capabilities. This allows us to design a safe exercise program that will improve your movement quality decreasing your potential risk for injury.

  • Program Design

    Using the information gathered from the initial consultation and your movement and fitness assessment, we design a program that addresses our Clients' needs.

  • Implementing The Program

    This is the fun part! Your trainer will help you implement your program by providing instruction and motivation. We make sure that your experience is both fun and rewarding.

Packages and Pricing

For a list of our current prices and packages clink on the link below.

Contact Us

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