Pure Integrated Training will be taking the following steps in order to provide as safe of an environment as possible for its clients and staff:

Client Cleaning Responsibilities

  1. Clients will be required to thoroughly wash their hands upon entering the gym.
  2. Each client will be provided their own bottle of cleaning spray and a clean cloth to wipe down their equipment after use.
  3. Clients will be asked to wear clean clothing when in the gym and should wash their clothing in a full wash cycle followed by a dryer cycle on the highest heat. Clients should ensure the clothes they choose to wear can be washed in this manner.
  4. Clients should thoroughly wash all surfaces they contact. This includes: Mats, dumbbells, handles and equipment.

Gym Cleaning Procedures

  1. The trainer will wipe down all door handles, sink handles, paper towel dispensers and other common surfaces between classes and clients.
  2. The trainer will mop floors using an all surface cleaner at both the beginning and end of the day. In addition the trainer will mop floors after group classes.
  3. The trainer will ensure all cleaning materials are provided to clients
  4. The trainer will ensure all cleaning clothes are washed on a regular cycle with proper soap and dried at high heat for at least 45 minutes.

These procedures are meant to protect us all. Both the trainer and the client may clean surfaces not named in this policy, and should not feel limited by it. Clients are encouraged to bring to attention any cleaning concerns with the trainer so that the trainer may address or explain the concern.

Social Distancing

In order to comply with the safety guidelines as laid out by the provincial health officer, Pure Integrated Training is committed to social distancing. In order to meet the requirements Pure Integrated Training is taking the following actions:

Class Size Restrictions

Until further notice the gym is reducing the semi private group class capacity from 5 to 3. This will allow more personal space for clients and staff. Due to this restriction the gym will not be able to accommodate extra participants. Depending on demand, the gym may add additional class times to the schedule to accommodate the exercise needs of group members.

Personal Spacing

  1. The trainer will ensure that group members and participants maintain adequate distancing. The gym is reducing the number of benches in the gym from 3 to 2 and has removed one of the treadmills, two bikes and the squat rack. This will allow more floor space for clients to perform exercise while maintaining 6 feet of physical distance.
  • Clients are asked to respect each others space. If you need access to a piece of equipment wait until it is free and maintain distance from the other member. The trainer will be supervising, if someone is not maintaining adequate distancing the trainer will remind them of this requirement. If someone refuses to maintain distance then their access to the gym will be removed until such time as social distancing is not required.
  • The gym will space equipment 6 feet or more apart so that clients can exercise while maintaining distance. In addition the gym will mark, with tape, on the floor areas where clients may place exercise mats during classes.

Personal Health

Clients are asked to monitor their health. If you are feeling unwell, stay home. Clients who have a cough, fever, symptoms of a cold or flu or any other of the Covid-19 symptoms must not attend the gym and should follow the advice of the provincial health officer regarding isolation and self-quarantine. Anyone, staff or client, attending while unwell will be asked to go home and any surfaces they have contacted will be cleaned at once.

Clients will be asked to fill out a COVID screening questionnaire prior to entering the gym.

Face Masks

All exercise participants must wear a mask both inside the gym and inside of Pure Body Balance Health and Fitness. This mask should be a medical grade mask (surgical, n95 etc) or a three layered cloth mask.

Treatment of Employees

Everyone is doing their best during this difficult situation. Health and safety is our main priority, including that of employees. Please respect their physical space (6 feet) and listen to their instructions as they are attempting to maintain safety for everyone. Any abuse of employees, verbal, physical or otherwise will not be tolerated.

Personal Belongings

Please minimize items that you bring into the gym. Anything that you can leave in your vehicle, please do so. Items that you bring in may be placed in the white cubbies provided. Please place your belongings neatly into the cubby so that it is not contacting other people’s items.

Main Facility

Pure Integrated Training is located within Pure Body Balance Health and Fitness’s facility. As such the employees of Pure Integrated Training will comply with the policy’s set forth by Pure Body Balance Health and Fitness and support them when and where appropriate.


If you have concerns about your safety or questions regarding any aspect of these guidelines please contact

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