The 4 Best Leg Exercises

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Our 4 Favourite Leg Exercises

Looking to develop strength and endurance in the legs while building core strength  and stability? We wanted to take the time to show you our four favourite leg exercises. The benefit of these is that they are full body exercises requiring engagement of the leg, back and core musculature. Nobody wants to spend hours upon hours in the gym so getting the most out of each exercise is important!

Goblet Squat

Front Squat

Romanian Deadlift (RDL)


Incorporate a few of these exercises into your workouts to help achieve the best results. Already doing them? Be sure to check back with our blog as we will be going over progressions in future articles.


To your success,

Nanaimo Personal Trainer, Keegan Marshall



Keegan Marshall CPT, CES, MMACS

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