Why is Post Rehabilitation Training important?


When you have an injury, lets us a knee injury as an example, due to pain an individual will try to avoid the pain by using that leg as little as possible. This results in altered movement and activity levels. The altered movements place stress on additional areas of the body as they absorb more force then they normally would. Using our knee example, an individual would bare more weight on the unaffected leg to avoid the pain increasing the force on multiple joints, the ankle and knee for example. This increases the injury risk to these joints.

Another affect of an injury is a decrease in activity levels, this effects what we call, the physiologic limit, of tissues. The physiologic limit is the maximum amount of force the tissue can absorb before it becomes damaged. The less we use a muscle or joint, the lower that physiologic limit goes. When we exercise what we are doing is raising the amount of force or body can absorb. So using our knee injury example, if the person favors their injured knee and lessens their activity level, lets say for 4 weeks, the joints and muscles in that leg will not be able to absorb the same amount of force they normally would.

Post Rehabilitation Training is the process of raising this limit in a safe and effective manner. This lessens the risk of re-injury and allows clients to get back to doing the things they love quicker.

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