What is the difference between Post Rehabilitation Training and regular Personal Training?


Post Rehabilitation Training is based on recovery protocols specific to the clients condition. Aside from the regular movement and fitness assessments performed for regular Personal Training an additional exercise screening is required in order to make sure our program is both safe and effective. This allows us to avoid contraindicated activities that could potentially put you at risk for injury, while addressing your needs and goals with exercises that are highly effective. Post Rehabilitation Training involves enhanced communication between our staff and our client’s medical practitioner, allowing that practitioner to incorporate exercise into their treatment plan. Session notes are kept and can be provided to your medical physician at their request, with your permission of course! Post Rehabilitation Training also involves a home exercise component, where clients are given exercises and a plan for exercising outside of Pure Integrated Training.

Regular Personal Training involves less initial screening, not as many future assessments, and less record keeping/communication. This form of training is suitable for clients who have no conditions requiring monitoring resulting in the program design taking less time.

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