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Join us for our Fit 2B Strong Challenge starting May 15th! The Fit 2B Strong Challenge is results driven and supportive fitness and fat loss workout program. Motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training form the foundation of a program created to help you get the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. Our personal trainers will create a individualized workout plan based on your capabilities, provide nutrition guidance and advice and help you remain focused on your goals.

Participants can select from three different options based on their schedule and needs. Prior to the start of the challenge each participant will be assigned a coach to guide them through this challenge and a team for support and encouragement. There will be various prizes given out for both individual and team performance.

Participants can choose to attend any of our regularly scheduled classes, we offer classes 7 days a week with early morning, mid morning and evening classes.

What Is Included In The Fit 2B Strong Challenge?

  • Initial Consultation
  • Individualized Workout Program
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Support and Accountability Sessions
  • Measurements With Before and After Photos
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed Results*


  • Grand Prize: $350 + 8 Free Small Group Training Class ($485 value) – Awarded to individual with the highest % of weight loss
  • Team Prize: 4 Free Small Group training classes per person ($70 value)
  • More prizes to be announced

What Do Our Clients Say About The Gym?

  • Having had a terrible experience with another gym, I was apprehensive about signing up with Pure Integrated Fitness at first.  But Keegan has thoroughly earned my trust.  The process from sign up to set up appointment times has been smooth and efficient.  I work out three times a week, and it has become an ingrained habit.  The part I like best is that it now requires almost no willpower from me. 
    The results speak for themselves.  I've lost 10 lbs of fat and inches in only two months, I am a lot stronger and am consistently improving on all my exercises. I have a heart issue and would certainly recommend this place for anyone dealing with PVCs, heart disease or any other medical condition that needs critiqued workouts.  Keegan has shown an excellent knowledge base and knew how to get the most out of my workouts.  I am glad to know that there are detailed records of my progress and this helps me get through any plateaus I hit. I've recommended Pure Integrated Fitness to my friends and will continue to do so in the future.
    Thanks, Keegan!
    Michelle R.
  • The staff and trainers/clinicians are friendly, helpful and professional, and you never feel guilty or pressured. They are always willing to work with your schedule and have a great sense of humour! They really listen and adapt to the medical situation as well as understand "life happens"
    Renee D.
  • 3 years ago I began a journey. I didn't know where it would lead, and I definitely didn't know what I really was signing up for! Getting physically fit again has been a challenge, but mentally was the hardest part. The gym has been so much to me, it's given me a place to build my confidence again, to let go of my stress and to meet some amazing people! Within the gym I've found a community I didn't know was waiting. They've pushed me, they've supported me and they've become my people, something I missed so much after leaving home. I want to thank my trainers Keegan and Tammy, for kicking my butt, making me cry and throw up, but mostly for being there. They've made me strong, they've gotten me back into shape and they reminded me what I am made of and that I can do anything I set my mind too! Thanks for believing in me when I sure as hell didn't believe in my self!

    Jessica B.
  • I'm thrilled to have found PIT for so many reasons. During my first 1:1 meeting with Keegan I could see why they used the word "integrated" in their title as the workouts address all aspects of my health, my body, and my lifestyle. Not only are the workouts individualized, challenging, and interesting but they are also fun and help me with addressing my personal needs. Going to a group training class is like joining a family. I've met lifelong friends with similar interests who help me to push myself to make and attain goals I've never dreamt of, both in the gym and in my daily life. That's integration at its finest. The personal attention that both trainers give demonstrates professionalism, pride, and and a true love of what they do. The location is central and  parking is always available. Flexible schedules and easily accessible website/sign up allow for efficient use of their services. I would highly recommend PIT to anyone who is looking to set goals and live a healthy lifestyle in a caring and supportive environment.

    Thea M.

Ready To Get Started?

*Guaranteed results must be realistic and attainable goals agreed to by both the trainer and the client. In order to qualify for the 100% guarantee the client must have attended the recommended amount of exercise sessions, followed the nutritional advice as given and tracked their food intake every day during the challenge.

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