Best Exercises For Activating The Glutes. Part 1.

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When it comes to training the glutes aesthetics is goal for many people. However, the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius play important roles in our health. The gluteus maximus is a powerful hip extensor and lateral rotator. It helps drive the body upward and forward when our legs are bent at the waist (for example climbing a steep hill). The glute medius stabilizes the leg and hip during weight bearing movements (for example during running or walking). Whether you are looking to develop strong toned glutes for aesthetic reasons or health reasons, knowing which exercises best activate the glutes is essential.

Reiman, Bolgla and Loudon (2012) performed a literature review of studies on gluteus maximus and gluteus medius activation to find which exercises best activated those muscles. In part one of our examination of their study we look at the gluteus maximus. Check out the infographic to find out which exercises were superior in creating glute activation.

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