Low Impact Exercises For Knee Stability

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Low Impact Exercises To Enhance Knee Stability

Recently, on the Pure Body Balance Health and Fitness website I recently wrote an article regarding meniscal tears in the knee. It’s an article that covers what the meniscus is, how it helps us and the repercussions of a tear. As with many knee injuries it is important to address the injury early on, as our knees are so vital to our ability to move and the longer we ignore injuries the worse they get, and the greater the chance we have of developing arthritis in the knees. With that in mind here are a few low impact exercise that can be performed to help strengthen the musculature of the lower body, reducing the risk of further injury.

Lateral Step Up

Terminal Knee Extension

Glute Extension/Abduction

The terminal knee extension and the lateral step up are great exercises for strengthening the vastus medialis, an important knee stabilizer, while the glute extension and abduction primarily work the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius. The gluteus medias is an external rotator of the leg. This is important because one of the common compensations seen during movement screens is a valgus motion in the knees. This valgus motion increases the risk for knee injuries, so by strengthening the external rotator (gluteus medius) you are enhancing the bodies ability to have the knees track properly over the feet during squatting and lunging motions.

These exercises can be performed prior to the main part of your workout, or as part of your accessory work following complex lifts. By using these as part of your warm-up you will activate vital muscle groups responsible for knee stability, priming them for the more complex lifts to follow. The key is to limit the volume as you are not trying to fatigue the muscles involved in these exercises but merely to activate them.

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