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10 Keys to Successfully Lose Weight

1) Make small decreases in food and beverages and increase physical activity

– Control portion sizes, try to eat fruits and vegetables/protein first leaving any starchy carbs till last

– Avoid fruit juices as they are typically high in sugar and are empty calories

2) Eat Protein, Carbohydrates and fat throughout the day and at each meal

3) Consume less than 10 % of calories from saturated fat

4) Choose whole grains and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables over refined grains and simple sugars

5) Limit alcohol consumption

6) Eat between 4-6 small meals per day

– Helps control hunger

– Minimize blood sugar fluctuations

– Increase energy levels throughout the day

– Stimulates protein synthesis

7) Drink Plenty of Water

–  Minimum of 9 to 13 cups per day

8) Be realistic

– It is not realistic to expect someone to maintain 100% compliance with their diet. Honestly, the difference between 90% and 100% is not that large. So allow yourself to have a small reward every once and a while. Imagine if you are eating 6 meals/snacks per day that is 42 meals in one week. That means approximately 4 of those could be slightly less healthy.

9) Develop food preparation strategies

– Healthy food takes time to prepare. Obviously throughout a busy week it is hard to find time to spend an hour cooking a gourmet meal. Find healthy recipes that are quick to make, cook on weekends and freeze leftovers, or use a slow cooker to prepare meals while you are out.

10) Variety

– Experiment with different foods/spices to keep yourself from getting sick of eating the same thing.

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Keegan Marshall CPT, CES

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