Post Rehabilitation Training

Whether recovering from an injury, surgery or trying to manage a medical condition Pure Integrated Training’s skilled staff will help you improve your health and fitness status. With clearance from your Healthcare Professional we will design a program for you that addresses your needs. Often when recovering from an injury or surgery Patients are left with “residual functional deficits.” What this means is that your Practitioner may have alleviated your pain, and restored range of motion, but you may still need to increase your strength and endurance in the musculature associated with your injury or surgery to prevent future injury. Our programs will increase your strength and endurance, reducing the risk of re-injury and increasing your functional capacity.

For clients looking to manage a chronic health condition through exercise, our exercise professionals specialize in creating safe and effective exercise programs. Our staff will create a program aimed specifically at the management of your condition. Many chronic conditions can be managed through exercise, allowing clients to enhance their quality of life and continue to participate in the daily activities they enjoy.

To enter into our Post-Rehab or Medical Exercise Programs you will need written consent from your Doctor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor stating that you are able to begin exercising. Each client is then taken through a comprehensive assessment process. This includes an initial interview, a Medical Exercise Assessment and a comprehensive Functional Movement Assessment. With these results in hand we will contact your Practitioner (if you wish) and proceed to develop a comprehensive training plan. This will ensure that we know exactly what your functional capabilities are and how they need to be progressed.

Nanaimo Personal Trainer

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Post Rehab and Medical Exercise Trainers

Post Rehabilitation and Medical Exercise programs are taught by Keegan Marshall CPT, CES. Keegan is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. He has completed a large amount of continuing education in the field of Post Rehabilitation conditioning and Medical Exercise.

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